Surely, you're not sitting in the dark to save on the hospital's electricity bills.

Wilson checked his watch one last time, tapped his foot once, and walked down the long hallway to House's office. He noticed, even at a distance, that the office was dark. Either House was hiding from Cuddy or he was in pain. One would make for good jokes, the other might earn him some snark remarks about his tie/shirt/anything.

He stopped in front of the door, wrapped once with his knuckle and then simply came in. He didn't even have to look around the room, he knew exactly what was going on. That was the thing, even as unpredictable as House was at times, even his unpredictableness followed a strange sort of pattern. He turned and shut the door.

"Any particular reason your lights are shut off?" He asked, turning and looking at his friend.

There were a few things to be said about their friendship and Wilson tried not to think about them most of the time. It was usually an unsuccessful attempt but he still tried.

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House's paperwork. Cameron sighed as she worked through Dr. House's e-mails, reading each and sending back a polite reply. She could have said no to House, could have said "House, you really should be answering your own mail." but there were few things she would and could tell House "no" about.

There hadn't been any patients for the team in days (or, atleast, none that House had deemed interesting enough to take on) and even though Cameron was seated in House's office, in his chair, at his computer, she saw very little of him. She assumed he was hiding out in the clinic, using up but not actually doing his clinic hours, or with Wilson.

Another page of e-mails to be answered. Each one had to be replied to politely, stating that House was a busy man and could not take on this-or that-case. In her mind, they all sounded the same.

She sighed again and reached over for her coffee cup, sipping it and grimacing. It was cold.

(Reply when you're ready. I know it isn't much of a start, but it is a start.)

Welcome to House-ism

Houseism is a roleplaying community and, hopefully, if you've come here, you're interested in roleplaying. If you are, please fill out the form below and send it to me via comment (Don't worry, though, no one else will be able to see it but me). If you're new to roleplaying, don't worry. Everyone is welcome. Before you apply, however, please note that I am only looking for players who are very involved so do not apply if you think you may not be able to be really involved!

Your ability to spout medical terminology is not important either. A lot of this roleplay is going to deal with the characters and their lives and each other. There will be medical cases (One will be posted every week) but they will not be the main focus of the community.

And, above all else, I want everyone to have fun. So, with that in mind, please fill out the


Character: Of course, the character you are interestied in playing.
Roleplaying Journal: The journal you plan on playing your character with. Don't worry if you don't have one yet, that can always be taken care of later.
Example: I would like a sample of what you're roleplaying is like. Just write out something like a journal entry for the character you're applying for. I don't care about spelling or how wordy you can be-what I'm looking for is character realness-so don't worry if you're not one for spelling.
SN: Some of the roleplaying may take place out of the community so I would prefer it if you had a chat client like Yahoo or MSN. If you don't, that's alright, but I may ask you to get one in the future so be prepared to download one if need be.

I'll get back to you as quickly as I can, but please allow atleast a day for me to read your application.